Ah, it’s December, a month like no other in so many ways. Different activities, more socializing, different chores, even a different vocabulary. Think of the words we use at Christmas that we rarely touch the rest of the year: mistletoe, holly, tinsel, Santa (or some variation thereof), just to name a few. Think of the foods we eat at Christmas that we eat at no other time of year. Yum!

December is a time of traditions, of renewing old ties with friends and family, and it’s also the end of the year, a time of saying goodbye to this year and getting ready for the next.

I think it’s also a month when we have to (sometimes) remind ourselves to be good to ourselves, lest we try to do too much and end up getting overwhelmed. And it’s most definitely a time for giving thanks.

So…I’d like to take the time right now to thank all of you who have read Silhouette Romances over the years. I hope we’ve brought some joy and hope and fun into your lives. And I also hope that you’ll enjoy these next few months as the line continues to bring you romance at its best.

Enjoy the month. Be good to yourselves. Take a few minutes a day (or a few minutes a week if that’s all you can manage during this busy time) to put your feet up, have a cup of cocoa or tea or coffee, read a good book and get carried away in a story. After all, isn’t December the month when wishes and dreams and delicious flights of the imagination are on all of our minds?

So, to each of you, dear readers, I wish you sweet dreams, happy reading and best wishes of the season!