I wasn’t looking for a significant other. In fact…

Our eyes met across a crowded room and–

Nope. It didn’t happen like that. Instead of a cute first meet, the first time my husband and I met, it was in passing. My roommate was a Library Science major. So was Steve. Twice a year the Library Science Club sponsored a bus trip to New York City. Since my roommate and I had friends in common from shared classes, I decided to go along. It was our first trip to the Big Apple to see shows and taste the city as adults. My husband-to-be also went on that trip and we became nodding acquaintances.

By the following fall, life had changed. I had stayed on campus that summer because of the guy I was dating. But by the end of the summer we’d parted ways and I was in a funk. The Library Science Club had planned a weekend at a camp and my roommate encouraged me to come along. I truly wasn’t in the mood for group activities, yet sitting in the dorm wasn’t appealing, either. I didn’t realize my husband-to-be would be going, too.

After we arrived, I took a long walk. When I returned to the lodge and cabins, I discovered not only my roommate had been worried about me but Steve had been, too. I made an effort to participate in activities that evening and found myself having a good time. When we ran out of marshmallows for the bonfire, I went to a nearby town with a male acquaintance to buy more.

On Sunday before we left the camp, Steve and I began talking. Being with him was so easy. That evening he joined me, my
roommate and her guy at a church service. Afterward Steve and I talked in the dorm for hours.

That was it. We saw each other the following evening and the evening after that. A deep abiding friendship quickly developed into love that has lasted thirty-four years. We’ve had a bumpy road at times but we’ve always been on the same path and tried to keep each other looking in the same direction.

When I think back to that fall weekend so long ago, I can remember what I wore, what he wore, the scent of his cologne, the stairs where we sat to have our first heart to heart, the bond that formed then and has lasted until now. I’m thankful I didn’t sit in the dorm that weekend. I’m blessed I met my husband-to-be, always my significant other.


This is the perfect month to tell this story, considering my husband was part of the inspiration for THE MARINE’S KISS, my August Silhouette Romance. He wasn’t a Marine, rather, he was in the Navy when I met him. But it was that military demeanor, the way he seemed strong enough to take on the world, that attracted me to him—and has kept me there for more than fifteen years.

I met my husband at Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston. Those of you who read my single titles will recognize one of our favorite haunts in August’s THE ANGEL CRAVED LOBSTER. We spent many a date night indulging in steamers at the Salty Dog, or going inside the marketplace for some loaded nachos. He was stationed in Boston while his ship was being overhauled and I was going to college in the city, so it made sense for most of our dates to be out there. Even Castle Island, which figures into a key scene in ANGEL, was part of our courtship. In fact, he was going to propose to me there, but had left the ring in the car in his nervousness.

But back to how we met. My friend and I were at Faneuil Hall, just walking around. Well, I was walking and my friend (who stayed friends with me despite this) was on crutches, trying to navigate over the cobblestone paths. We saw him, then saw him again, and again, and again. I told my friend that if I saw him one more time, I’d go and talk to him.

I did…and I did. He was leaving the next day for two weeks of training in Virginia, so I gave him my address for him to write. The letter he sent was the sweetest letter I’d ever received in my entire life. By the time he came back to Massachusetts, I was hooked…and we were married 18 months later.

Military men have a special place in my heart (especially this particular military man!) and I truly enjoyed writing this story featuring a hero like my own hero. :-)